Ruutiset 1/2023

Oy Forcit Ab’s customer magazine: Anniversary issue with, among other things, an interview with the current and former CEOs, news about product development and a presentation of Veskun Pora’s new location in Mynämäki. In addition, information on Consulting business units’s noise modeling services and a course calendar.

Ruutiset 2/2022

This time in Ruutiset Magazine: Daveytronic Swift, Blaster of the Year 2022 and Tapojärvi Oy’s operations at the Kemi mine are being presented. In addition, information from the Consulting business area and the course calendar.

Ruutiset 1/2022

This issue includes articles on, e.g., vibration caused by excavation, digital technology in the mining and excavation industry, as well as a site presentation of Boliden Kevitsa Mining Oy. Magazine is available only in Finnish.


The theme in this issue is the HSEQ. In addition, EMC3 charging device upgrades, industry news, and other current affairs are included. Magazine is available only in Finnish.

Ruutiset 1/2021

Topics in this issue include responsibility in our operations, arranging fall protection on site and the Crown Bridges project. Also includes news, current affairs and product information. Magazine is only available in Finnish.

Ruutiset 2/2020

Topics in this issue include corona year, investments and growth, blasters licence renewals and sustainability actions.

Ruutiset 1/2020

Topics in this issue include blasting technologies and applications, 50 years of FORCIT Consulting and the Fordyn product family is growing further. In addition, there is an article about security planning in the field.


Themes include safety and the environment, the renovation of Mechelininkatu and blaster of the year. Available only in Finnish.


Introducing the ForDEX system package, the qualifications of blasting managers and FORCIT International – Extensive delivery package to Iceland


125 years old Forcit, presentation of the Hanko West Harbor extension site and FORCIT International: Nordic know-how to the world