Oy Forcit Ab – Forcit Go app terms and conditions

 1. General

The Forcit Go app (hereinafter ‘the app’) is provided by Oy Forcit Ab (hereinafter ‘Forcit’) and made available to registered customers and other external stakeholders.

By installing and/or using the app, the user accepts these terms and conditions. The user must comply with these terms and conditions, applicable laws and good customs.

Forcit reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without prior notice. After each revision, the user must accept the updated terms and conditions before they can continue using the app.

2. Intellectual property rights and restrictions

Forcit retains all intellectual property rights to the app, including data contained in the app and content entered to the app. Copying, publishing and otherwise making available to the public any part or content of the app is strictly prohibited.

Forcit reserves all rights except as expressly granted in these terms and conditions.

3. Conditions of use

The user is expected to have read Forcit’s general terms and conditions of supply when they place orders for products or services offered by Forcit via the app. Forcit’s general terms and conditions of supply apply regardless of which channel is used to place the order.

The user must take into account any terms and conditions of network operators, equipment manufacturers and third parties which may apply to the use of the service.

In order to ensure correct operation of the app, the user must ensure that they are running the latest version.

4. Costs of using the app

The user is responsible for the costs of equipment and internet connection, which are required to run the app. Forcit does not guarantee compatibility with all devices.

The user is solely responsible in all respects for any and all costs of data communication and other costs relating to the use of the app.

5. Right of use, user information and user ID

Forcit issues the licence to the primary administrator of the organisation. The administrator grants privileges to other users in the organisation.

The administrator is responsible for maintaining the organisation’s user data at all times. The administrator must immediately revoke the user IDs of users who are no longer permitted to view the organisation’s data or act on behalf of the organisation.

Each user ID issued is personal. Disclosure (by accident or on purpose) of a user ID and password to a third party is prohibited. The user is responsible for all use of the app made under his or her user ID.

Forcit reserves the right to close any user’s account for any reason.

6. Warranty

The app is provided ‘as is’. Forcit makes no warranty with respect to the app, its availability or functioning. Forcit reserves the right to change or remove the app or part thereof without prior notice.

7. Availability

Access to the app may be limited or unavailable from time to time due to e.g. faults or maintenance.

8. Cookies

Forcit or third parties may use cookies, trackers and other technologies in order to collect, store, transfer and use technical data and other data relating to the use of the app.

9. Liability

Forcit accepts no liability for any direct or indirect losses incurred by the user, the user’s organisation or other entity or third party resulting partly or wholly from the use of the app.

Forcit accepts no liability for financial losses incurred by the user, the user’s organisation or other entity or third party as a result of the authorised or unauthorised use of the app.

Forcit accepts no responsibility for any errors in data contained in the app, including product and service details.

10. Personal data and their use

Forcit stores and uses personal data, which are required for the use of the app for the purposes of diagnosing faults in the app or service and for the provision and development of the app and the service.

Oy Forcit Ab Privacy Policy.

11. Applicable law and disputes

These terms and conditions are governed by Finnish law with the exception of connecting factor rules. Any disputes will be settled by the District Court of Raseborg.

12. Contact information

Oy Forcit Ab

PL 19, 10901 Hanko

Puh. 0207 440 400

Sähköposti: forcit@forcit.fi


Forcit Go is available for mobile devices.

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