A new Managing Director for Oy Forcit Ab

Joakim Westerlund has been named as the new Managing Director of Oy Forcit Ab effective April 1, 2019.

Joakim Westerlund has a PhD in Process and Systems Engineering and an MSc in Process Engineering. He is currently Executive Director of Technology and Operations at Owens Corning and also a member of Paroc Group’s Leadership team. Before this he had been Division Director, Manager of Business Development and Chief Operating Officer at Paroc Group. He is also a docent in Process Design and has done research at Åbo Akademi and University College of London.

The current Managing Director, Ulf Sjöblom, has worked for Forcit for 20 years as member of the board, Manager of Business Development, and Managing Director.

“We thank the outgoing Managing Director for his long and successful career at Forcit. Ulf Sjöblom’s expertise is still important to the company as he continues in the role of Senior Adviser,” Chairman of the Board Lauri Stadigh says.

Oy Forcit Ab is a continuously developing chemical industry company with long traditions. It is specialised in the production of premium civil and military explosives, while providing consulting and training. Forcit is the leading manufacturer of explosives in Nordic countries.