Changes in the arrangements for OY FORCIT AB’S annual general meeting – THE PLACE FOR THE GENERAL MEETING IS MOVED

The shareholders of OY FORCIT AB have been called to the Annual General Meeting, which is held on Wednesday, 1.4.2020 at. 16:00. Changes to the meeting arrangements have been made to ensure the safety of the participants and to comply with the regulations of the authorities.

Changes in meeting arrangements

Due to prevailing circumstances, the site of the Meeting, Katajanokan Casino, has been closed and is therefore not available for the Annual General Meeting. For this reason, the AGM is organized at OY FORCIT AB’s area at Villa Björknäs at Björknäsvägen 59, 10900 Hangö. If necessary, the company arranges transport from Katajanokan Casino for those who have registered at the AGM.

The Annual General Meeting is held as short as possible so that it meets the minimum requirements. Participation in the AGM for members of the Board and the management team and the other company’s representatives has been limited to a minimum and no coffee or other refreshments are served in conjunction with the AGM.

NOTE: In order to comply with the regulations of the authorities, it is necessary to limit the number of participants in place at the meeting so that the number of people who simultaneously reside in the same space at the meeting is in line with the authorities’ instructions. With reference to the security and the regulations of the authorities, we urge shareholders, instead of physically attending the meeting, to use the opportunity to authorize a representative to represent the shareholder and use voting rights on his behalf in accordance with the instructions given in the notice to the general meeting.


Extra review by the CEO as a conference call

The company arranges for its shareholders an opportunity to participate in an extra review by the CEO by telephone on 2.4.2020 at. 16:00.

To participate in the conference call, shareholders must register no later than 30.3.2020. 16.00 by phone to +358 (0) 40 8690 202 or by e-mail to To those who have registered, information and identification code will be sent for connection to the conference call. The material presented during the conference call will be uploaded to the shareholders’ portal on 31.3.2020 and will be sent to the shareholders by e-mail, if necessary.