Firex M electric detonator will be available in the summer

The Firex A -electric detonator in Forcit’s product range will be replaced with a new Firex M product manufactured by MAXAM. Replacement is for availability and quality reasons. The detonators with a wire length of 4m will be the first to change during May-June. Wire lengths of 6 m and 10 m will be replaced during the late summer. For more information on their availability, contact our sales or order numbers.

Sales of Firex A will in future be concentrated in Orikorpi, Tuusula, where Firex M is also available. In other locations and retailers, the Firex M is available in all wire lengths as early as the summer. With this change the numbers available will be increased by 10. Numbers 21-30 become available, in which the delay time is staggered in 50 ms increments. The resistance of the electric detonator remains the same as before, being 3.6 ohms. The coupling sleeves have been improved and are different colours in different cable lengths.

Reminder: Only electric detonators manufactured by the same manufacturer and belonging to the same group of detonators may be used in the same circuit. Firex A and Firex M must not be used on the same circuit.

Firex M safety data sheet (1.4B, 1.4S) and operating instructions can be found on own product page.


Additional Information:

Lari Laine,, 040 869 0574

Janne Järvinen,, 040 869 0554