Forcit price list

We will publish a new price list every month.
The price list is sent to our customers by email.
If you have questions, please contact our sales representatives.

The up-to-date prices of Kilometer and Kemiit pumping charges can be found on our website, at

We are happy to discuss the challenging use of raw materials markets and will do our best to meet your request. ​​​​​​​
Don’t hesitate to contact us!

FORCIT Explosives sales

Lari Laine, Surface contractors and retailers
puh. 040 8690 574

Valtteri Vuorenmaa, Surface contractors
puh. 040 8690 576 

Jussi Saavalainen, Tunnelling and mines
puh. 040 8690 519

Janne Lehto, Sales and Delivery Director
puh. 040 519 0525


Other contact information can be found behind this link.