Forcit cycles for better health and greener environment

The exceptional spring at hand took us to think of ways to make our everyday lives more mobile, responsibly. We ended up setting up a sporty team for this year’s cycling challenge, “Kilometrikisa”, an annual Finnish cycling race for companies, encouraging people to cycle for better health. We invited all our colleagues from all our countries and sites to join the happy #teamforcit!

The additional spark for the challenge is given by the Finnish Red Cross charity collection “Ketjureaktio”. By attending this collection, we donate 1 €/ pedaled 25 kilometers to prevent climate change. Last year a total of 235 companies took part in Chain Reaction, collecting a record high, over 110 000 € donation. Each 25 pedaled kilometers reduces carbon dioxide emissions by appx. 4 kgs!

For staying fit for the approaching, better future, we challenge all our cooperation partners to join the race and cycle for health and environment, safely!