New Fordyn cartridge dimensions

THE FORDYN PRODUCT GROUP IS EXPANDED WITH TWO NEW DIMENSIONS. New dimensions of Ø 36 x 560 mm and Ø 40 x 560 mm are now produced in addition to the small (Ø 25–35 mm) paper cartridges and large (Ø 43–85 mm) plastic-packed cartridges. Production of the new cartridge sizes will start in Hanko during the summer.

A new cartridge machine was built in our dynamite department during the spring. With the new machine, in addition to the new Fordyn cartridges Ø36 mm and Ø40 mm, we can also manufacture well-known Ø43 mm dynamite cartridges. In addition to the new products, we also get additional capacity for the Fordyn cartridges that are already in the product portfolio.

The project has been ongoing since the beginning of the year, as safety in connection with production changes, requires great demands on the time schedule. During the spring we have e.g. performed several test runs with an inert (non-explosive) test mass. During the tests, we try, by simulating different special situations, to find as many potential disturbance points as possible and to make necessary improvements to the production process based on these observations.

We invest in the tests to ensure that the production with the explosive itself is safe, high quality and problem-free from the beginning.

When new products can be ordered, we inform our customers via our sales, order recipients and our website.