Outokumpu awarded Forcit as Contractor of the Year

Outokumpu Ferrochrome has awarded Forcit with the “Contractor of the Year” award. The award was given for effective cooperation with Outokumpu in creating a safe workplace, preventing accidents and developing the safety culture. In addition to us, the prize was awarded to three other Outokumpu contractors.

The Forcit Kemi mining team has been shown to follow Outokumpu’s operating principles and standards with the utmost rigor and constant improvement in the overall safety in the mine. The last five years at the mine have been completely free of accidents, and there have also been fewer near misses. We also received praise for our development activities. Forcit is perceived to be proactive in developing its risk assessment and internal policies. Our work at the mine has been of high quality, the working environment has been kept tidy and we have not received any reclamations from other charging contractors operating in the mine. A closely monitored industry requires special responsibilities and duties for which Forcit has been a role model. During audits performed by authorities, we have not received any remarks for deviations.

For us, the Contractor of the Year award is an excellent demonstration of our ambition for safety, which is always our top priority and one of the key success factors for our business. It is important to us that our customers and other partners consider us responsible.

Our mining team was awarded at a ceremony at the Kemi mine on February 3rd. Outokumpu’s award, made of Finnish stainless steel and wood, was received by our CEO Joakim Westerlund together with the Forcit Kemi Mine Operation Manager Jukka Aho, and our HSEQ Manager Saila Savolainen. The award will not only remind us of a job well done, but it will also encourage us to continue our ongoing work on safety. The honorary award also reinforces our vision of every work injury being preventable and that the work we do for it is extremely important.