Temporary changes in production due to availability of raw materials

red plastic cover in the production

Significant changes have taken place in the production chain of our raw materials. Our raw material suppliers for dynamite have faced insurmountable challenges in their production. This will significantly affect the availability of raw materials for our dynamite products.

We have taken steps to ensure the continuity of our production, but we can already say that dynamite production will be partly interrupted by the end of this month.

We are working closely with our suppliers to resolve the situation, while we are still looking for alternative suppliers from around the world. We also cooperate with other dynamite manufacturers, from whom, in this situation, we also buy finished products to deliver to our customers instead of our own Fordyn.

Forprime production has been secured until next spring, which means that will not run out. In addition, we focus on using all remaining raw materials to produce smaller Fordyn dimensions that are more difficult to replace.

For those customers in the Nordics who use Fordyn products as bottom charge with , we recommend microsphere sensitized Kemix A cartridges as a replacement product. The series of microsphere sensitized Kemix A cartridges has been expanded to cover all dimensions up to Ø 50 mm. In other blasting applications, we still recommend the use of gas sensitized Kemix A cartridges (Ø 50–90 mm).

KEMIX A productinformation and instructions for use can be found in the products own website: KEMIX, KEMIX A

More information will be given by sales organisation: KONTAKT INFORMATION