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Always safety first

FORCIT has high safety standards which are directed by company policies.

Safety policies are there to ensure a safe company in which the risks pertaining to personnel, material capital, environment, and information have been minimised. Forcit as a group recognizes safety as a factor of quality and competitiveness in business. All personnel are required to commit to the safety policy.

We observe the following principles in our actions:

  • Safety management is a daily and natural part of general management.
  • Supervisors are responsible for enforcing safety measures as required in the plan of action in order to guarantee general safety.
  • Safety goals will be met by following the risk control guidelines, in other words by systematically ensuring that all activity is safely carried out under all circumstances.
  • Laws and regulations as well as our own guidelines create a basis and a minimum requirement for safety policies.
  • Critical factors for success include motivation, know-how, resources, and management.

Most of our products have Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) published. All EPD documents can be found HERE.


New Fordyn cartridge dimensions

THE FORDYN PRODUCT GROUP IS EXPANDED WITH TWO NEW DIMENSIONS. New dimensions of Ø 36 x 560 mm and Ø 40 x 560 mm are now produced in addition to the small (Ø 25–35 mm) paper cartridges and large (Ø 43–85 mm) plastic-packed cartridges. Production of the new cartridge sizes started in Hanko during summer 2020.

New dimensions available at service stations now!

A comprehensive service you can rely on every day

We have tailored our services to what is expected of us on the site. Our first-class products, fast and flexible deliveries and a level of service you can rely on. That’s our recipe for succeeding. Together.


Charging service

Charging service is a basic service we offer to our customers, and it can be booked from our service stations all over Finland. The charging service can be ordered at different levels, always considering your needs.

Transportation service

In a society where requirements are constantly tightening, you can be confident that we transport explosives to your site on time, safely and in compliance with laws and regulations. Our transport equipment is always up to date and we also know the permit issues accurately.

Technical service

We guide our customers in the use of products, when needed, both by phone and on site. Get answers to the questions that preoccupy your mind with one phone call.

Storage and permissions

To improve security, we provide our customers with storage services at our stations. In addition, through us you can rent explosive containers suitable for site storage.

We also support customers in their own storage licensing processes.

Training and cooperation

We are actively involved in training people who come to the industry as well as those who are already working in the industry. We also work closely with various educational institutions.

You will find all the training you need from us both to maintain your professional skills and to learn something new.

Join our team

Are you interested in working at the core of explosives business? Are you looking for a nice work atmosphere and skilled professionals to brighten your days? We offer a wide range of tasks of all types of work, from ADR drivers and blasters to administration and development tasks.

Check out FORCIT Group’s Career sites and apply for jobs with us!