Storing and licensing

To improve security, we provide our customers with storage services at our stations. In addition, through us you can rent explosive containers suitable for site storage.

We also support customers in their own storage licensing processes.

We rent storage containers of various sizes for safe storage of explosives, as well as storage space from our own storage areas. The rental service also includes the replenishment of stocks and the disposal of obsolete explosives by a separate agreement.

Forcit’s extensive station network covers the whole Finland and thus guarantees that our services are close to the customer. Our knowledgeable staff also assists our customers in applying for storage permits, if necessary. For more information on warehousing, please contact our service stations or sales staff.

Transportation service

In a society where requirements are constantly tightening, you can be confident that we will transport explosives to your site on time, safely and in compliance with laws and regulations. Our transport equipment is always up to date and we also know the permit issues accurately.

Training and cooperation

We are actively involved in training people who come to the industry as well as those who are already working in the industry. We also work closely with various educational institutions.

You will find all the training you need from us both to maintain your professional skills and to learn something new.