Training and cooperation

We are actively involved in training people who come to the industry as well as those who are already working in the industry. We also work closely with various educational institutions.

You will find all the training you need from us both to maintain your professional skills and to learn something new.

Cooperation with educational institutions

We are actively involved in training people entering the field at various levels, be it retraining in adulthood or training for young people. We may attend lectures or collaborate to work on materials. At the same time, we provide educational institutions with the latest information on the industry and products, as well as related on the technologies.

We also are actively involved in training those already working in the field. The content of these trainings may be the maintenance of professional skills or further training. For example, we participate as lecturers, e.g. for Blaster and refresher courses all over Finland.

You can find a wide range of trainings in FORCIT Consulting’s training offering.

Cooperation with associations and organisations

We work closely with various organisations and also contribute to the development of the field through various associations.

For our part, we want to contribute to the safe and responsible development of our industry, and therefore we work closely with various stakeholders.

Are you interested in cooperation?

Transportation service

In a society where requirements are constantly tightening, you can be confident that we will transport explosives to your site on time, safely and in compliance with laws and regulations. Our transport equipment is always up to date and we also know the permit issues accurately.

Technical service

We guide our customers in the use of products, when needed, both by phone and on site. Get answers to the questions that preoccupy your mind with one phone call.