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On the 5th of April 2015, the European Union Directive (2008/43/EC) on the obligation to monitor explosives entered into force. After the entry into force of the monitoring obligation, each operator must ensure that the requirements of the Directive are met. Responsibility for explosives and the monitoring of their markings will be transferred as product management moves further in the supply chain.

Two levels of the customer portal

To meet the tracking requirement, we developed a system for customers who use explosives, with which we can easily transmit product-specific unique identifiers to our customers. Customers can choose the level of service that best suits their needs. End users have been heavily involved in the development of the system. Efforts have been made to structure all functions in such a way that the benefits and synergies brought by the system are as great as possible, but at the same time also available to everyone.

CodeBox is the easiest way to receive and archive code information. It works like email, storing the code information for each delivery in an easy-to-browse and traversable format. The code retrieval function works 24/7 and the automatic archiving destroys the old data when the 10-year retention requirement is met. No paper archive is required, so backups are also stored on servers. The electronic archive is also safe from vandalism and accidents. The functionality of CodeBox is as simple as possible and the user is not required to have system skills. All that the user needs are a functioning Internet browser and knowledge of how to log in.  

ForCodes includes all the same features as CodeBox, but its advanced features allow you to manage inventory and process site-specific codes even on a job-by-job basis. It is possible to connect a mobile device to the service, which ensures easy reading of codes and real-time data processing. A mobile device is a leasing device whose software is designed so that it can also be used in offline mode. Based on the data collected by ForCodes, it is possible for the customer to create reports on usage volumes within the limits of their own tracking accuracy. It is also possible to import product-specific code information from other manufacturers in the form of a common European standard (FEEM xml).

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