Charging service

Charging service can be booked from our service stations all over Finland. The service can be ordered depending on our resources available. The charging service can be ordered both for occasional needs or with a separate agreement for long-term projects.

The charging service can include e.g. the following tasks:

  • Carrying explosives to the loading site
  • Applying the pre-filling
  • Bottom charge input
  • Connection of the field under responsible blaster’s control and supervision
  • Acting as a guard during blasting in accordance with the instructions given by the Blasting work director or Blaster
  • Acting as a traffic controller during blasting (Road Safety I + Orientation provided by the Subscriber)
  • Sorting and packaging of returned products on behalf of the customer
  • Handling and disposal of explosives returned from the customer
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If there is a need for a wider service related to blasting, it is a case of Other demanding blasting work. In this case, a separate written Service Agreement is made. In this case, the service may even include work corresponding to the tasks of the responsible blaster on the excavation site, such as the field’s charging plan, charging and even blasting.

Service is available when using an explosive manufactured or imported by Forcit.

Assistive services are also available. These include e.g.:

  • Reception and handling of explosives returned from the service
  • Shipment of products on behalf of the customer
  • Other work related to customer inventory management
  • Support services for T&T systems

Transportation service

In a society where requirements are constantly tightening, you can be confident that we will transport explosives to your site on time, safely and in compliance with laws and regulations. Our transport equipment is always up to date and we also know the permit issues accurately.

Technical service

We guide our customers in the use of products, when needed, both by phone and on site. Get answers to the questions that preoccupy your mind with one phone call.