F-cord 10 is a flexible plastic-coated detonating cord. Its explosive agent is penthrite (PETN). The coating is PVC plastic or, in the case of F-Cord 10T, an eco-friendlier thermoplastic.

Detonating cord is used in both precision blasting and smooth blasting when several holes are to be simultaneously detonated. Typically, the abovementioned work utilises charges that are so small that the transmission and continuation of the detonation is uncertain without a detonating cord. The thermoplastic-coated F-Cord 10T, which is popular in dimensional stone quarrying, produces less soot but is slightly less flexible than the PVC-coated F-Cord 10.

Detonating cords are also used in open-cut mining and other blasting work to ensure the continuation of the detonation. In this case, it must be ensured that the detonating cord in question is suitable for the intended use.

Safety datasheet, F-Cord 10 IC