The F and K pipecharges consist of a powder explosive containing nitroglycol and diatomite packed into a polypropylene pipe.

K pipecharges are specially designed for dimensional stone blasting in quarries and other applications that need reduced and controlled charges.

For F pipecharges, the primary application is smooth blasting and pre-splitting in open-cut mining and tunnelling operations; however, they can also be used in other kinds of blasting where a precise amount of explosives is required. When contour lines are blasted using F pipecharges, the damage of remaining rock is minimised, producing high quality, long lasting walls. In addition, the remaining walls will achieve the designed contour lines.

The pipes (Ø 17mm) can be equipped with locking sleeves that center the pipes within the borehole and prevent them from being thrown out of the hole. When the pipe is centered, an air cushion is formed between the pipe and the wall of the hole, which mitigates unnecessary fracturing of the rock.

Safety datasheet, F-pipecharge
Safety datasheet, K-pipecharge