Kemix A and Kemix A MP cartridges are aluminium containing emulsion explosives wrapped in plastic film. The aluminium powder is added in order to increase the explosive energy. Cartridges not containing aluminium powder are available upon special order under the product name Kemix. Kemix cartridges without aluminium are recommended for use in mines where there is a danger of sulphur dust explosions.

Kemix A and Kemix A MP cartridges are suitable for all kinds of blasting applications. The cartridges can be used as either base or column charges and are well-suited to underground blasting. Kemix A cartridges with a diameter of over 40 mm can be used as boosters for ANFO and Kemiitti explosives. Due to the cartridges being highly water resistant and their specific weight, they are suitable for blasting applications where the explosive is exposed to water. Kemix A is completely insoluble in water, making it an environmentally friendly explosive. It is also resistant to temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.